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Which CMS Platform Should I Opt for My Forum Website?  

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This is Suzy James from California. I am an affiliate marketing manager in a leading-edge firm in USA. I have my own affiliate marketing group on Facebook. I & my partner wants to expand our affiliate circle into forum discussion, where everyone on the internet could discuss, asks questions and learn affiliate marketing from professionals to beginners. 

Now let's get straight to the point, I am planning to create a forum website & looking for the best cms discussion platform, Please let me know which platform to choose for creating an online forum. Second, Infact one of my friend has suggested me to opt phpBB cms, I need your opinions from you guys. I have found a great resource on installing phpBB on website, but I need to know which platform should I choose & how I should manage the forum.

This would help me alot if you please help me in this question.


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