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What is an Essay?
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The answer to the question of what an essay is can be answered in different ways.

On the one hand, an essay is a work of fiction that reveals the author’s individual reflection on a particular issue. For example, many writers have used the essay genre to publish their own opinion on some political situation, etc. This gives the right to express their assessment in a veiled way, using different means of expressiveness of the word.

The essay is often assigned at school in the form of a small essay-explanation about some problem. Often in lessons on literature students write one piece of affordablepapers review to express their attitude to the problem posed in this or that read work.

At university, the picture is similar. However, here it is important not only to express their attitudes and judgments about a topic, but also to support their position with some arguments.

Teachers often assign essays in order to conduct a kind of quiz on the passed topic. How well the students have understood the material and whether they will be able to answer correctly on the exam.

Thus, the task of the university essay is to show that the student has assimilated the information, processed it independently and is now ready to express his/her personal understanding. 

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