Which is the best m...

Which is the best method for ecommerce website design?  

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Greetings to all of you!

I need your help with the design of my new ecommerce store. I am quite stuck in the UX part.

What are some elements you consider in the design of your store? Though I did a basic research I studied few articles. Among them I find this blog quite helpful on ecommerce ux . What you guys think about the pracitces mentioned in the article? Also what some practices you have implemented on your store and got success? I would be obliged if you can help me out on this.


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What is your site? Show ?

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hi, I can help you in your ecoomerce website design, I have ample amount of experience working in a web application development company here in UK. But it would be great if you could share your site URL, though still I would give you the best tip for this, which is to understand your site audience first and only after that initiate the UX designing process. I hope this helps. Thanks


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