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Starting VLC


  • In Windows XP: Click Start -> Programs -> VideoLAN -> VLC media player.
  • In Windows 7: Click Start -> All Programs -> VideoLAN -> VLC media player.

VLC is shown on the screen and a small icon LargeVLC.png is shown in the system tray.


Start VLC from the applications menu or the system dock.

VLC is shown on the screen and a small icon LargeVLC.png is shown in the dock.


Start VLC from the command line with vlc or start it from your desktop environment's application launcher.


The main interface

Interface-2.1.0rc1-Windows XP-with legend.png

Interface-2.1.0rc2-MacOS-with legend.png
VLC media player on Windows and Linux VLC media player on macOS

1 : Menu Bar
2 : Elapsed Time
3 : Seek Bar
4 : Total/Remaining Time
5 : Play/Pause
6 : Previous
7 : Stop


8 : Next
9 : Toggle Fullscreen
10 : Extended Settings
11 : Show Playlist
12 : Loop
13 : Random
14 : Volume Control

More interface informations

Go to Documentation:Interface

Play a media

Play a single media file

Find a media file you want to play with your favourite File Explorer (Windows Explorer, Finder, Konqueror...) and double-click on it.

You can also drag and drop the file onto VLC.

Play a whole media folder

Start VLC, open the Media menu, and select the Open Folder... menu item. An Open Folder dialog box will appear. Select the folder you want to open and select Open.


Insert your disk and your OS should ask you what you want to do. Select Play with VLC and select the OK button.

More open options

Go to Documentation:Open Media



Where are the VLC preferences?

To open the Preferences panel, open the Tools menu , and select the Preferences menu item. ToolsPreferences-Windows 8.png
Here is the Simple Preferences panel where you can modify the essential settings of VLC. Preferences-Windows 8.png

How to reset the VLC preferences?

Go to VSG:ResetPrefs

Playlist view


This view allows you to easily browse different sources of media. To access the Playlist View, click on the Playlist button in the main interface.

1: The current Playlist you are listening and your Media Library

2: The OS default media folders

3: Your local optic drive (CD, DVD...)

4: Your local network sources

5: Internet sources (Podcasts, Shoutcast radios...)

6: The media listing you are listening or browsing

PlaylistView-Windows 8.png

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